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Welcome, I will exhaust you!

The extreme quick of it: That subject line probably isn’t the best way to start a blog entry, but you’ll understand if you read it all. I am no longer in residence permit limbo. I have been granted Swedish permanent residence for five years. Before that, in about a year, I am eligible to apply for Swedish citizenship (while retaining my Americanosity). So that’s that. I’ve also been on vacation back to Louisiana with a sisters-only vacay at a resort in Turks and Caicos. For more information on those, you’ll have to wait until next time, because I’ve apparently managed to delete all my vacation photos save those on the trusty iPhone. MUTHAFUCK. So I’m going to have to figure that out. Merp. Alas, per usual, there’s…

The long of it: Those who aren’t strangers know I thrive on a delicate balance of being a happy homebody and a wonder-struck wanderer. Moreover, those who have traveled with me will admit, perhaps after a bit of prodding, that I am exhausting. It’s not my quietness, my disappearing to take photos, my fear of sneaky meat or my reluctance to ask for directions. It’s just that I don’t.stop.going.

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