Too many ledes! Too many ledes!

When you lapse so much time, where do you start? I guess you take a deep breath and just rip off the Band-Aid (that’s a plaster, Brits and Swedes) — hairs and all.

So whhhheeeee here goes – I’m still gonna do this two country thing a wee bit longer. Why? Cause Karl got his visa! He’s all approved by the US of A’s citizenship and immigration services. After much contemplation and staring at forms, we were pretty sure I needed to be gainfully employed on American soil for his visa to be approved. So that’s partly why I came here now to job hunt and also because 10+ months is far too long to be away from people. Well hey! ho!, we were wrong! Good ole Communikonst was good enough for them. That’ll do, pig. That’ll do.

Given that being away from your other for a significant period of time is THE PITS, we’re not going to do that to ourselves for any longer than we must. So I’ll keep doing a back and forth dance that goes a little something like this — back to Sweden Dec. 27, back to Louisiana Feb. 14, back to Sweden again late March/early April and back to Louisiana May/June. Got that? Good. I do love me some dancin’.

But waiiiiiit a minute. Why aren’t you guys moving NOW if he already has his visa? Imaginary person, you’ve been paying attention! Karl is finishing up what he needs to do for his Swedish medical license. Well, great. That means he will be a doctor in New Orleans. Yay! Mmm. Hold your horses. It’s really not that easy. You should read this depressing article and educate yourself. Seriously, read it. It’ll explain why he’s not immediately pursuing that avenue. What will he do? He’ll figure that out. New Orleans shall be his oyster. What will you do? Until we move, I’ll keep freelancing through Communikonst. But you know me. I’ve got a plan. You’re going to write the next great American novel? Thanks for the encouragement. I suspect this is my dad asking. Nope. I’m definitely gonna fail at being published before 30. But 50 is the new 30, right? Stop messing around. What’s your plan? Well, I’ve applied for a spot with teachNOLA – Louisiana’s top teacher preparation program that’s “designed to transform talented professionals into great teachers through practical, classroom-centered coursework, with a sharp focus on core skills.” So you’re gonna do some sort of communication work or write things for teachNOLA? No, I want to be a teacher. But I thought you liked writing and you’re so good at it. I know. I love writing. I will always write. There’s just always been a hole. A hole? A hole in my soul that I wasn’t putting myself to good use. That sounds deep. Maybe you’re just hungry. Yes, I am hungry. Well, New Orleans sure is a good place to eat. No, it’s more in the sense that I want to help feed New Orleans’ children with knowledge. I have a lot to give and being a passionate, enthusiastic and lovingly quirky teacher feels like a natural step in the right direction. That does sounds like a great fit for you. I can picture you as a teacher. I know, right? Well when do you find out if you are accepted? I’m not positive, but likely sometime in January after a phone interview. I’ll cross my fingers for you. Thanks. Or you could hold your thumbs. Wait what? Behold

Sorry about what happened there. I had to have an imaginary conversation. I’ve been having so many talks similar to the above it’s just easier to do it all again here in hopes I do less of it in person. If you have more questions or concerns, you know how and where to find me.

Apologies to my journalism buddies and former professors. I have indeed buried the lede. Too many ledes on the dance floor!

In the next installment (before the end of 2013, I hope), I’ll do a year in review sorta deal, mostly with pictures. I mean I went to five countries with my parents. And then I came to the weird land of America. There’s plenty of photo fodder!

For now, I leave you with a photo of me eating the unthinkable: cookies n’ creme ice cream flavored Oreo cookies. America, you’re so meta. And calling it ‘creme’ doesn’t make you fancy. Guess what? They fucking tasted like Oreos. That’s what.

Kids, don't try this at home.

Kids, don’t try this at home.



December 19, 2013 · 4:38 pm

2 responses to “Too many ledes! Too many ledes!

  1. You’re an amazing and quirky child, love you lots!

  2. Kim Brown

    Holding my thumbs and crossing my fingers for both of you.

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